Text analytics with python

This article proposes to analyze the text of the speeches, conferences and interviews of the current president of Mexico, and has an educational aim, there are no purposes of political interest in this document, you are free to interpret the data in your own way. I personally think that formalize…

Uber expenses tracking

Uber expenses tracking Architecture

Uber expenses tracking

Have you heard phrases like Hungry? You’re in the right place or Request a trip, hop in, and relax. ? Both phrases belong to the emblematic company with disruptive technology, UBER, which is evolving the way the world moves with two strong businesses with millionaire revenue, Uber Rides and Uber…

Apache Spark


Apache spark es una herramienta muy usada por ingenieros de datos, científicos de datos, o ingenieros de machine learning, fue diseñado y construido en el año 2009 en UC Berkeley, es la evolución del antiguo paradigma que usaba HADOOP con el algoritmo Mapreduce, Apache spark actúa como un sistema distribuido…

How to Build a Big Data Pipeline with PySpark and AWS EMR on EC2 Spot Fleets and On-Demand Instances

If you are a data scientist and you are ready to take the next step in your career and become an applied scientist you must leave behind school projects that involve working with small datasets.

The true nature of an applied scientist is knowing how to take advantage of computing…

Ramses Alexander Coraspe Valdez

Ramses Alexander Coraspe Valdez

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